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OVERVIEW OF Megown Test & Measurement Inc.

Megown Test & Measurement, Inc. is one of the country's largest providers of reconditioned test and measurement equipment, serving companies across a number of industries including electronics, aerospace, communications and higher education. Whereas most used test and measurement equipment providers are resellers, carrying minimal in-house inventory and sourcing and marking up items as they are requested, we maintain our own product inventory and sell or lease directly to customers, enabling us to deliver superior quality reconditioned products at the lowest cost and in the shortest timeframe.

Extensive Inventory
As a direct equipment provider, we are committed to maintaining one of the most extensive and varied inventories in the industry. Today, our company warehouses more than 40,000 items from over 250 manufacturers, including Agilent, Anritsu, Fluke and Tektronix. We buy used equipment regularly to augment our inventory and we recently completed construction of a 30,000-square foot facility designed to accommodate further product inventory expansion.

No Middleman Fees
Our customers pay no reseller or "middleman" mark-up fees that typically average 20 percent of product purchase price. We sell directly to customers so we can offer product at significantly lower price points than our competitors. In fact, many resellers meet their customer's needs by buying product from us, and selling it at a higher price and a slower turn around than if the customer had come to us directly.

Faster Product Delivery
By leveraging a direct sales model, we can also maintain faster product delivery cycles. Whereas resellers must source, purchase, receive and mark-up product before repackaging and shipping out to customers (which can take anywhere from two to three weeks) we can provide a door-to-door delivery of 2-3 days for in-stock items.

Proprietary Reconditioning Process
We have developed a sophisticated and industry-leading product inspection, testing and calibration process that ensures a consistently high level of product quality. By doing all product reconditioning on site in its state-of-the-art calibration laboratory, we can control product readiness, and maintain its commitment to fast product delivery while guaranteeing that our products meet original manufacturer specifications.

Product Acquisition Strategy
We maintain an aggressive product acquisition strategy to support our customer direct sales model. The company spends a great deal of time and capital on speculative product purchasing. In fact, more than 90 percent of the test and measurement equipment products we purchase from the market are not in response to a customer's request. Instead, they are products for which we anticipate short-term future customer demand.
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